Three year warranties LED Tube light

Three year warranties LED Tube light

The LED tube light of our factory several major advantages:

1. Transformer-isolated drive, non-isolated high-voltage direct product added to the led, the led away from the close, a lot of safety regulations are not passed.

2. Power Factor (PF) measured values of 0.95-0.97, the traditional fluorescent lamp is only 0.4-0.6, can effectively reduce the line resource.

3. The adoption of harmonic and EMC testing. No interference on the power grid, no electromagnetic radiation.

4. Using high-precision constant current power supply, fluctuation range of the measured value of ± 1.5%

5. The power efficiency of the measured value of 86%, far exceeding the national standard, can effectively reduce the supply temperature and save energy.

6. The drive life expectancy more than 6 million hours.

7. Wide voltage power supply, AC 90-264V Input

8. If the industrial environment applications, voltage range can be further relaxed to AC 90-285V

9. Can be made into 1.8-3M long, can be widely used in tunnel lighting, large area lighting

10. Design life of 50,000 hours or more, a full range of products three-year warranty

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